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I’ve spent my entire career studying & practicing sales.

As a sales manager, I managed teams of more than 60 reps generating over $1 million in profit per month. I grew profit and volume by over 80% each year while totaling $35 million profit over my career.

As a sales rep, I initiated over 85,000 phone calls and 100,000 emails to rack up 15,000 total sales.

Each year I spent in sales was more painful than the last. After earning my largest commission check ever, I quit.

The end of that story may seem surprising to some, but I assure you, it’s not a unique experience.

Most sales organizations aren’t efficient. The more a rep sells, the more their day is bogged down with operational tasks. Sales reps only spend 32% of their time selling.

Most sales organizations don’t adapt. When sales are down they always think the answer is “work harder” rather than “work smarter”.

Sales is a science. You don’t just throw it against the wall and hope it sticks. Little should be left to chance. Sales can be predictable, and won through research, preparation, specialization, and a commitment to monitoring and improving sales strategies.

I founded IRC: Sales Solutions to fix the problems I ran into during my sales career.

We’re not marketers. We’re not advertisers. We’re not even consultants by trade.

We’re sales strategists and we help our clients sell more this year than they did last year.

– Spencer Smith
CEO & Founder

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Sell to the top 1% of your industry.

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