The Definitive Guide to Creating a Sales Manual in 2022

An effective sales manual can bridge a vital training gap for sales reps, especially since 25 percent of reps believe their training is insufficient. To help upgrade your sales development framework, we’ve put together a foundational guide to creating a sales manual for your new and existing reps.

Predictable Revenue — How to Create a Successful Sales System

No matter what your reason for reading this Predictable Revenue summary, you’re bound to walk away with a fresh perspective on sales and sales strategy. The book by Aaron Ross isn’t long, and it’s packed with information – if you haven’t already, we highly recommend reading it in full.

30 Sales Skills Every Sales Rep Should Master

Whether you’re currently in sales or are considering it as a career, there are certain traits you’ll need to succeed. These include both hard and soft skills, from technical knowledge to conflict resolution.

Here are the top 30 essential sales skills all high-performing salespeople should master.

Sales Follow-Up Statistics and Process – The Power of Follow-Ups

When it comes to sales, it’s all about the follow-up. On average, only 2% of sales are made during the first point of contact. That means if you don’t follow up, even with a simple follow-up email, you’re missing out on potentially 98% of your sales. That’s no small amount.

10 Ways to Find Anyone’s Email Address

Are you trying to contact someone but having trouble finding their email address? If so, you’re not alone. On average, salespeople spend 17% of their time prospecting and looking for good contact information.